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One of the main reasons for siding and roofing deterioration is the growth of algae, bacteria and mold on the surface. This can be caused by an excess amount of shade and / or moisture. To maintain the value of the surface and promote longer life, this needs to be killed and removed.

The Soft Wash process safely and effectively kills and removes these damaging organic materials, along with removing dirt and grime, deterring organic material from coming back longer than with just normal cleaning. The Soft Wash process can also be used on concrete, wood, brick, stone and other surfaces with the buildup.

Paradise Power Washing is expertly trained in the application of the Soft Wash process and it’s chemicals.

  • Safe for pets
  • Safe for lawns & shrubs
  • Can be used on any surface:  Siding, Wood, Brick, Stone, Concrete, Shingles, Tiles, Stucco, etc.
  • Safe for wood decks
  • Safe for all siding types
  • Safe for all roofing types

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